Randy Parris – Guitar and Harp


Randy Parris began his musical career playing a variety of instruments in a broad range of styles from a very young age. He followed his dream and began studying general music and classical guitar at Central Washington University where he also began to learn Lute and ancient forms of music. After three years, an opportunity to own and run a music store in Ellensburg interrupted his formal studies. It was at this time as a store owner, he began his lifetime interest in the Harp and was able to have a harp specially made, also developing his interest in composing for the instrument. At the same time, his love of guitar remained strong and as well running the store, he continued to play regularly in touring bands and to do session work. Like many music students, Randy had begun teaching while at college and now applied his formal training and opportunity as an entrepreneur, to establish himself as a music teacher with his own instruction studio based at his store. Since then, he has never looked back and even during periods when travelling with his harp, or busy with managing his business, teaching music emerged as his central passion and profession by choice and he is as comfortable teaching electric guitar to a budding rock star as he is with the meditative and mellow harp, for which he composes prolifically. Randy feels that teaching music theory and technique through the student’s chosen style and preferences is very important approach.

Randy Parris
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