Carey Rayburn – Trumpet


Trained under world renown Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti as well as David Gordon, Principal Trumpet of the Seattle Symphony, Carey attended the University of Washington to receive a Bachelor of Music Performance in the field of Trumpet Performance. Over the years he has performed in numerous groups, touring through the West Coast and to Puerto Rico with Jazz bands, several rock and roll groups and with the US Airforce Reserve Concert Band as a guest musician. In Seattle he plays in several ensembles including the Puget Sound Orchestra and Everett Savoyards Theatre. In addition he is an active freelancartist, doing studio recordings, musicals, and performing and writing arrangements for several different groups. “In order to grow as a musician it is imperative that a player must know what they wish to sound like. Practicing will always create technical improvement but it is through careful recognition of ones personal playing that musical growth can be made. In this respect I strive to make each student be self-aware of both the sound they are making of the sound that they would like to make and for these two to become the same. Strive for each note to be as beautiful as possible!”

Carey Rayburn