Tiffany Holliday-Wagner – Violin

After receiving a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alabama, Tiffany headed west in search of adventure; at the University of Oregon, she pursued a Master of classical Violin and Viola Performance and Pedagogy, as well as a Master of Arts in Musicology with a focus in medieval string improvisation. Tiffany has studied advanced Suzuki pedagogy with numerous Suzuki teachers, including Sue Baer, Alan Lieb, Linda Fiore, and Betsy Stuen-Walker.

Tiffany held a robust Suzuki violin studio in Portland, Oregon (2007-2009) and in Eugene, Oregon (2009-2017) before moving to Washington State.

“My philosophy for violin teaching is centered around the body and the soul. If your muscles and bones are in correct alignment, and your technique is flexible, fluid, and tension free, you have the freedom to play any style you want. A typical lesson with a beginner is similar to a lesson with an advanced player: we focus on the body, then tone, then repertoire. The model is to keep students motivated in an organized, positive, competition-free environment and make a game of discipline and repetition that will follow them throughout their adult lives.”

Tiffany incorporates folk music traditions in her teaching and is involved in a number of unique music projects. Tiffany writes and performs dark neofolk music based on the Beowulf manuscript in the acoustic project Wēoh, often singing in ancient Anglo-Saxon. She is also a part of the blackened neofolk metal project, Felled, where she combines the fluidity of her classical training with the raw elements of her folk music experiences.

Tiffany currently teaches Music Together classes in Bremerton, Poulsbo, and Bainbridge Island for ages 0-5.

For more information, please contact:

Tiffany Holliday-Wagner
(541) 870-5225


Justine Jeanotte – Violin and Viola



Justine was born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, where she began her violin studies at the age of eight. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance from Pacific Lutheran University. She has had a private teaching studio since 1998, and currently teaches strings classes at the Madrona School. Past teaching positions have included Orchestra Director at West Sound Academy and Music Consultant for the Auburn School District. She had a subbing position in the Tacoma Symphony, currently plays with the Bainbridge Symphony, has performed in BPA’s Chamber Music Series, and has a violin/guitar duo with her husband Paul. Although classically trained, she now plays and records in two rock bands, “Paundy and Before Cars”, and has recently returned from a European tour.

Justine Jeanotte


Jane Landstra – Violin (beg/int) Fiddle (all levels), Piano (beg/int)


  • 40 years professional youth & adult teacher.
  • UCBerkeley Graduate School of Education Teaching Credentials CA & WA
  • Exceptional public school experience with the very young child through adult as well as private and group lessons.
  • Recently Jane taught a “Celtic Strings” workshop week to 22 students–8 to 17 year olds in the “KYSS 2013!” Kitsap Youth Symphony summer program.

Jane tailers the lesson to the student. Engages each student in theory, notation, learning by ear and composition. Pianists use classical performance, exercise, lesson,and theory booksets. Violinists use Jane’s own popular, begining to advanced folk violin structured lesson audio materials, slow to uptempo CD’s with guitar back up, technique commentary, chords, & exercise activities. Also available Beg/Int classical theory/lessonbooks. Suzuki violin is offered beginners.

Jane has 6 recordings. Scottish CDs (Berkeley Scottish Players); New England contradance, and Norwegian music, ’70’s-2007.
She has taught violin, song, folkdance and is a dance musician for west coast music-dance camps in CA, Lark in the Morning, Mendocino Woodlands Camp, and Centrum’s International Camp, Port Townsend.
Jane teaches local quarterly beginner/intermediate, and advanced student group workshops in all Celtic traditional violin styles, and Nordic & Quebecois tunes. She leads Poulsbo’s monthly ‘Third Sunday Celtic Jam session’ and organizes the Bainbridge Island community contradances (West Sound Contradance Coalition). She
leads & teaches musicians for popular ‘Midsommer Fest’, Poulsbo. Students play all events & all are open to public participation.

Mentors: Spanish concert pianist Mrs. Isabella Magana of Berkeley CA–piano/ ear training. UCBerkeley Music Minor. Violin mentors are Quartet violinist Jack O’Brien of Berkeley; Suzuki and Starr proponents of Suzuki style teaching & materials. A few of her folk traditional teachers are Scotland’s Alistair Hardy; Jerry Holland, Buddy MacMaster (Cape Breton); Kalle Almlof, Jonny Soling (Sweden) and in Shetland, Tom Anderson.
Paul Cranford, music editor, composer published several of Jane’s compositions in his “Victoria Standard” ‘tune collection’, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Learn more at Jane’s website, or contact her directly:

Jane Landstra
(360) 697-6192