Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions:

Q – How do I sign my child up for lessons?
A – Contact the specific studio instructor that you are interested in.

Q – What Instruments and music styles are taught at the Guild?
A – The Island Music Guild boasts the most musically diverse music Studio in Kitsap county.   Check out our instrument list to see our full selection.

Q – How much do lessons cost?
A – Each instructor at the Guild has their own individual studio rates and policies. Contact the specific instrument teacher to find out their rates.

Q – What if I miss a lesson?
A – Contact the individual teacher for their make up policy.

Q – How do I become an instructor at the Guild?
A – The Island Music (Co-Op) is a wonderful and energetic place to teach lessons.   Not only do we have a great facility and location but we are all part of a community of music professionals. To inquire about teaching at the Guild, please contact Terry Marsh or Randy Parris.

Q – I have an instrument that is no longer being used and I would like to donate it to the Guild.
A – Our local community has been very generous to the Guild over the years with instrument donations. We do our best to put the instruments to good use, often passing them along to families who need them or keeping them in house for the instructors to use. Please contact Terry Marsh or Randy Parris to discuss a potential donation.

Q – What is Weave? Is the Guild a part of it?
A – Weave is a theatre arts organization that shares the building (Rolling Bay hall) with the Guild. They reside at the North end of the facility and the Guild is at the South end.   Other than a shared parking lot and a love of the arts… the two groups are separate organizations.

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