Bainbridge Island Piano Teachers

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Kathryn Arnold

Kathryn Arnold starting playing piano when she was five years old. She played classical piano up through her first year of college when she discovered that music was more than just reading off the page. Since then she has expanded into playing keyboard. She firmly believes that there will always be more to learn, and plans on learning as much as she can throughout her life. Music has become a comfort and a joy, and she wants the same experience for each and every one of her students. She is an active member of the Kitsap Music Teachers Association, as well as the Island Music Guild. She currently performs with Lost and Found Ministry Band.

You have given me so much more confidence as a singer and songwriter! I cannot recommend Jenny Davis highly enough!

- Myles Mitchell, Red Stone Sinners, Australia

Jenny Davis

Professional jazz vocalist and recording artist, Jenny Davis, offers singing lessons and vocal coaching for all ages and all levels of experience. A popular instructor, students study with Jenny to expand their range, acquire proper methods of vocal placement, and learn the basics of supporting the tone through the breath. Her style is upbeat and positive!

Some students come to the studio with no vocal training. Much like learning to play a wind or brass instrument, Jenny teaches students how to “play” their voice through traditional vocal technique. Lessons are designed to establish the basic fundamentals of technique, and discover songs that inspire joy, passion and fun! Her vocal coaching also emphasizes skills in musicianship and performance for jazz, pop, rock, country, folk and musical theater, from beginner to professional singers, delivering instruction tailored to the goal of the student.

Bringing two decades of performance experience and education, Jenny puts a strong spotlight on musicianship for vocalists, as well as offering practical direction in songwriting, arranging and leading instrumental ensembles. Learning to read music charts and work with a band is an important part of being a successful vocalist and musician. Jenny knows how to coach students in acquiring this craft.

A Seattle native Jenny Davis, she holds a MFA in Music Composition and received her Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts, a recipient of scholarships, with focus on classical technique and jazz performance. An international jazz vocalist and composer with over 25 years of teaching experience, she actively performs throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, and has released four albums. Jenny has been an instructor at Island Music Guild since 2014. She currently sits on the Board of Directors.

I like to take whatever style of music students are interested in and use that interest to foster a deeper understanding of music in general.


Chuck Easton

Chuck Easton teaches guitar, upright bass, jazz and beginning piano, jazz flute, music theory, improvisation, and arranging.

He played in jazz, swing, and big bands in Seattle and toured throughout the West Coast during the ’70s. Chuck is a recipient of a National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Composition award.

Chuck moved to Boston in the late ’70s and completed his music degree from Berklee College of Music in 1980. While there, he studied guitar and arranging. Lots of great music in the big city, but he missed the mountains, and made the decision to return to his home in the Northwest. Chuck and his wife, Autumn, eventually settled in a rural area on a ridge south of Chimacum.

Over the years, he has played many different styles of music, but bebop-influenced jazz is his favorite. A long-time faculty member of Centrum’s Jazz Pt. Townsend, Chuck teaches basic theory and coaches student ensembles during the week-long summer festival.

Chuck was on the faculty of the NW Big Band in Pt. Townsend for many years. He later took over conducting duties for six years.

For thirty years, Chuck has played bass with the Pt. Townsend Symphony Orchestra, and he’s also served as a board member. Chuck played bass for several years with the Turtle Bluff Chamber Orchestra.

Chuck performs locally in bands of various configurations- trio, quartet, quintet, and his R&B septet. He enjoys writing arrangements for his band, and plays guitar, bass, piano, flute, saxophone, and occasionally chromatic harmonica, Eb tuba, and trombone.

Bringing back the BEST of the classics!

Elissa Hust

I was given an incredible musical gift by a truly great teacher. Kenneth L. Moses took me from a very average and rather ordinary 19-year-old pianist and passed onto me a great legacy of music, precision, skill, excellence, and tradition. I grew up in Friday Harbor, Washington, a remote island with an hour and a half ferry ride just to get to the mainland. I took lessons there from anyone I could find who would teach me, and I practiced long hours.

When I graduated high school, I went on to study music at Pensacola Christian College in Florida with music and academic scholarships as a Music Major: Piano Proficiency. After I came home, I was quite confident of my ability, until I was introduced to Mr. Moses by the young man who would, later on, become my husband. Mr. Moses was kind and encouraging, but I quickly realized that if I truly wanted to excel in my art, I still had a long, long ways to go. 

The young man I had met was a brilliant young pianist, and I wanted to play like him. So, I started taking lessons from his teacher. I began traveling 6 hours each way twice a month to get to Hansville, Washington just to sit at the feet of greatness, and learn from Ken Moses. This was the greatest single greatest musical blessing and investment of my life. Mr. Moses was 4th generation Beethoven: Beethoven taught Chopin; Chopin taught Rachmaninoff; Rachmaninoff taught Mr. Moses’ teacher, who then taught Mr. Moses. It was here that I found the musical insight and perspective I had been craving and searching for my whole life. He taught me how to practice, how to play and how to perform.

Over the last twenty years, I have honed the skillset he passed on to me. I have played my Hanon until I could do it with my eyes closed, taught for over 25 years, accompanied and performed for churches, choirs and local music studios, and now I am so excited to begin the new adventure as a professional pianist and the CEO of “Camille Classics” with my friend and incredibly talented vocalist Camille Fredericksen. I am also finally opening my own piano studio in Kitsap county, with teaching locations in Kingston, Poulsbo & Bainbridge.

"Jane's success with student learning is in her creation of a warm-hearted, well planned, fun experience in music learning."

Vicki Wenzlau (Adult violin-fiddle)

Jane Landstra Embrey

“Group playing & performance opportunities are important parts of our whole music experience! We can get great enjoyment from playing with others.”
Jane Landstra has K-12 CA & WA Teaching Credentials; an Education major, and a music minor from UC Berkeley. She is an active recording artist, published composer, and professional musician (Country Capers, Berkeley Scottish Players, and Nordic band, Nordleik). Her approach to teaching music in a nearly 50-year adventure includes a specialty in Celtic and Nordic folk music. She draws on a broad perspective of sources with rich musical experience in the violin and piano teaching.

Violin/Fiddle mentors include trio player James O’Brien of San Fransisco; Suzuki style proponents Mr.Starr and Mr. Suzuki; internationally acclaimed master folk mentors Buddy MacMaster, Jerry Holland, Frankie Gavin, Kalle Almlof, Pål Olle Dyrsmed, Tom Anderson among many others. Jane encourages auditory learning & skill-building, with classical sight-reading and technical skill development for her students. She has facilitated local group workshops for WA Fiddle Association; Lark in the Morning, camp, Mendocino Woodland’s camps. tutored at Fiddle Tunes Folk, and other music camps. Jane teaches several local yearly 8-week intermediate & advanced group workshops for the community, and leads a monthly open all level players traditional music session in Poulsbo.

Her piano students focus on classical repertoire: technique, theory from multifaceted publications, and importantly, include home lesson communications essential for success. Jane’s inspiration & teaching guidelines ate inspired by her mentor concert pianist -teacher Isobella Magaňa of Berkeley CA. Each student’s age and learning style set the learning pace and path.
Jane’s background allows her to accompany her students. As a solo vocalist, Jane involves all her students in singing during the learning process. Students learn sight-reading, are encouraged in auditory skill development, composition, and the opportunity to perform at low key local venues.

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