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"Madam Camille is passionate about bringing the true Bel Canto Technique to new generations."

Camille Fredericksen

Madam Camille has been a lifelong Bel Canto singer, and has been teaching singing for 12 years. 

Camille is a second generation student of Enrico Rosati, a world renowned Bel Canto teacher. She studied many years under the tutelage of Josephine Convy, an east coast opera singer who studied directly under Rosati. Camille has performed opera, classical, contemporary, and jazz in Boston, San Francisco and the Seattle areas. Camille founded and directed several performing choirs including Bel Canto Voices and Voices in Motion. She produced and published her own album, “Hope is the Thing With Feathers” original songs composed of Emily Dickinson poems. Camille also co-founded the acoustic project and YouTube Channel, Voices of the Void. She also co-founded Camille Classics partnering with concert pianist Elissa Hust. 

The Bel Canto singing technique has been around for several hundred years and was perfected by the end of the 19th century.  Bel Canto unlocks the full potential of the human voice and can be applied to any genre of singing to enhance and give freedom to the singer. Camille believes all singers should have a base of classical training no matter the choice of genre a student may pursue to give the singer agility, range, power, and control in the voice.

Camille teaches all ages from 7 years of age to older adults. Camille loves teaching all ages and specializes in fixing problems of all levels of singing skill including helping the young male voice navigate the teenage change. Many of Camille’s students have received college singing scholarships and won lead singing roles in musical theater and opera.

Below is the link to the Voices of the Void YouTube Channel, and Camille Classics, so you can check out Camille’s work.

You have given me so much more confidence as a singer and songwriter! I cannot recommend Jenny Davis highly enough!

Jenny Davis

Professional jazz vocalist and recording artist, Jenny Davis, offers singing lessons and vocal coaching for all ages and all levels of experience. A popular instructor, students study with Jenny to expand their range, acquire proper methods of vocal placement, and learn the basics of supporting the tone through the breath. Her style is upbeat and positive!

Some students come to the studio with no vocal training. Much like learning to play a wind or brass instrument, Jenny teaches students how to “play” their voice through traditional vocal technique. Lessons are designed to establish the basic fundamentals of technique, and discover songs that inspire joy, passion and fun! Her vocal coaching also emphasizes skills in musicianship and performance for jazz, pop, rock, country, folk and musical theater, from beginner to professional singers, delivering instruction tailored to the goal of the student.

Bringing two decades of performance experience and education, Jenny puts a strong spotlight on musicianship for vocalists, as well as offering practical direction in songwriting, arranging and leading instrumental ensembles. Learning to read music charts and work with a band is an important part of being a successful vocalist and musician. Jenny knows how to coach students in acquiring this craft.

A Seattle native Jenny Davis, she holds a MFA in Music Composition and received her Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts, a recipient of scholarships, with focus on classical technique and jazz performance. An international jazz vocalist and composer with over 25 years of teaching experience, she actively performs throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, and has released four albums. Jenny has been an instructor at Island Music Guild since 2014. She currently sits on the Board of Directors.

I love working with students of all ages and figuring out what will help each student become more confident with their voice. I help students develop the skills to use their voice in a healthy and authentic way.

Adele Berg-Layton

Bachelor of Arts, The Evergreen State College
5th Year Music and Drama, UW
Master of Music, Vocal Performance Boston Conservatory
Member, National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
Adele performed extensively in Musical Theater, Opera, Recital of Art Song and Chamber Music. She has taught voice through private lessons, group workshops and as a choral conductor. She recently retired from teaching elementary music in public school and has returned to her first love of teaching individual voice lessons.

She has experience with young voices as well as middle and high school and adult voices. She is knowledgeable of vocal literature in many styles and languages. Folk, Pop, Classical, Musical Theater, Gospel, all styles are enhanced by a free clear tone production. She had helped many students participate with more skill in their choral groups, musical theater auditions, theater roles, and solo performance opportunities.

A guitar wizard

Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer is Seattle’s premier fingerpicking guitarist. A founder of the Fast Folk Songwriters’ Cooperative in Greenwich Village, NYC, the recordings he made there in the ’80s are now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. He has released six albums off original songs, a blues concert album, and an album of instrumental Christmas music for solo guitar. He also teaches at Dusty Strings and the Seattle Guitar Store.

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